Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I am a Singaporean planning to buy a resale condo. What are the procedures of the purchase, fees required and loan amount I can get?

20% Cash (5% Cash & 15% CPF)
80% Maximum Loan (if no existing housing loan)
3% Buyer Stamp Duty (additional buyer stamp duty, ABSD will apply if currently own any properties)
Legal Fees

Q: Can a foreigner buy an executive condo unit?

Only Singaporeans can buy new Executive Condominiums. However, foreigners can buy them after they become fully privatized after 10 years.

Q: I am transferring ownership of my private property to my parents. Do they need to pay any stamp duty if they own an existing HDB?

Yes they are subjected to buyer stamp duty (BSD), and additional buyer stamp duty (ABSD) if this is not their first property.

Q: I am a Singapore citizen marrying a non-citizen spouse. Are we liable for additional buyer stamp duty (ABSD) for our first private property?

No. However, additional buyer stamp duty (ABSD) will apply for your second property onwards.

Q: My husband and I currently own a private property. Can we buy a HDB resale flat and still keep the private property?

Unfortunately no. You will have to sell away your private property within 6 months of key collection to your resale HDB.

Q: What is the normal period for exclusive selling contract between agent and client?

An exclusive contract between an agent and client is for a period of 3 months and is renewable.