Hello I'm Zan! I enjoy providing guidance to my family members, friends, and clients regarding their property planning matters throughout their various life stages.

It is fulfilling to me when my clients trust me and take my advice. After some time, they then see what I see and become thankful and appreciative of their decision made back then.

When faced with challenging or tricky situations that my clients are in, I do my best to stay focused in working towards the ideal end results while also providing a constant communication or update to my clients to reassure them that everything is in place. Some of my track records include transacting real estate for Singaporean retirees from overseas, owners who have properties with negative sale, bankruptcy or public trustee cases. These are emotional period of times that I stick by my clients until they eventually get a roof over them, achieve the comfortable lifestyle they are entitled to by right-sizing, and also the liquidity they should have by executing proper planning.

Happy to share more and learn about you. Chat me up for a non-obligatory discussion and let’s see where that takes us to.



I am keen to connect with anyone who is interested in real estate or interested to join the real estate industry. Calling out to all potential real estate salesperson (RES) to see how we can work together too. To all existing RES, I'd also like to hear from you how we can leverage on this humble portal of mine, so do get in touch! At the same time, I'm also expanding this business and would like to invite anyone who has ideas on how to improve this site of mine to reach out :) 


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Phone: +65 9030 8898


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